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Express Publishing

Express Publishing is a dynamic and prominent publisher of English Language teaching materials. They are dedicated to producing quality ELT material, including digital and software solutions for both teachers and students. With a current list of over 3500 titles and sales in over 100 countries, Express Publishing is recognized as one of Europe's leading publishers with  the ELTons nominations (British Council Innovation Awards).

Harper Collins

Harper Collins Publishers offers a great variety of fiction in English. On our shelves you can find a lot of books for kids, adults, audio books, and many others. Just visit the website and find something for yourselves.


The publishing house Klett offers a wide choice of textbooks and dictionaries in different languages of the world. In particular, logic, grammar books, methodology materials and courses for studying German language and Literature.


The publishing house Langenscheidt offers a wide choice of dictionaries in different languages of the world.


Modern publishing house Hueber is the place where you can find courses and methodology books in German. We supply our courses by CDs, which can be useful both for beginners, who are just taking their first steps in learning German, and fluent speakers as well.

The Collector's Library

The Collector's Library is the jewel in the crown. It restores traditional visual and tactile pleasures to the joy of reading. The books represent the marriage of great literature to high aesthetic and craft standarts, using the technology of the 21-st century to produce something classic and at the same time unmistakeably modern.

Little Brown

The publishing house Little Brown invites readers to the world of fiction, made by the best known authors of the world. It also offers a wide variety of detective stories, novels, drama, adventures and a lot of other books.


Wordsworth publishing is a small family business which is based on classic values and differs by consistent quality. To improve your English language the publishing house offers you the best known classic, popular fiction and scientific works.